The Company


The New Zealand Truffle Company has a purpose driven mission to utilise New Zealand’s precious and finite land to create environmentally friendly high value products, with the dedicated and sole focus being on truffles.

Our company embraces and embodies the principles of kaitiakitanga – the responsible custodianship of our lands now to safeguard future generations ability to provide from the soils and the seas.

We believe that truffles, as an environmentally friendly and profitable crop, is an excellent way to set about achieving this vision.

Digging up black truffles in Canterbury New Zealand

The Board

Catherine Dwan Co-Founder and Managing Director of The NZ Truffle Company

Catherine Dwan

Co-founder & Managing Director

“A dedicated and commercial approach to making the best use of New Zealand’s land”

Matthew Dwan Co-Founder and Managing Director of The NZ Truffle Company

Matthew Dwan

Co-founder & Managing Director

“Committed to delivering outcomes that make a real impact for New Zealanders"

Dr John Peebles Chairman of The NZ Truffle Company

Dr John Peebles


“A desirable, high value product that supports the environment”

Michael Ambrose Independent Director of The NZ Truffle Company

Michael Ambrose

Independent Director

"A highly focused and experienced approach for stakeholders and the planet”

James Ardern Independent Director The NZ Truffle Company

James Ardern

Independent Director

“Leading with purpose that’s both sustainable and profitable”


Every day we are making great things happen for the planet and our stakeholders.

The Ministry for the Environment has identified that the most common activities which cause soil contamination are the manufacture and use of pesticides as a result of agriculture and horticulture farming.

However, with correct operational oversight and a healthy awareness to the environment, organically grown truffles are an excellent high value alternative to some current methods of conventional farming in New Zealand.

Truffles also have a much lower water footprint compared to other popular New Zealand crops, meaning less pressure on our precious waterways.

seedling inoculated with truffle fungus to be planted in New Zealand

The Team

Our team at the NZ Truffle Company work with passion, purpose, and drive. We care about what we do, why we do it and who we do it for. We are a determined bunch of people and bring a combined knowledge of science, operations and marketing with a dedicated commercial approach to deliver tangible, impactful outcomes.

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Founder and Managing Director, Catherine Dwan

Catherine is an experienced and successful entrepreneur. She has a passion for sustainable land use and envisages the future success of our country flourishing through innovation from the soil and the seas. Catherine has a Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in Marketing from Otago University

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Founder and Managing Director, Matthew Dwan

Matthew is an accomplished businessman, with successes in the logistics, health and beauty, construction and investment sectors. Matthew is determined and capable with a track record as testament to his acumen. Matthew is poised to use the developed skill set obtained from extensive travel abroad to deliver the company’s objectives.

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Operations Manager, Tim Johnson

Tim studied at Massey University receiving a Bachelor of Science (Microbiology) and a Bachelor of Business Studies (Finance). Tim spent time working in international logistics and following this, worked overseas in the agricultural industry, with onsite field experiences and in-depth training in this sector.

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Business Support, Sarah Clenshaw

Sarah holds degrees in Public Relations and Psychology and has worked in a variety of industries both locally and internationally. Sarah has experience working with luxury goods and has worked extensively in the areas of compliance, management and governance.

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Research Scientist, Madison Tait

Madison has a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Chemistry, and Bachelor of Product Design in Industrial Design from the University of Canterbury. Madison began work with The New Zealand Truffle Company in 2019, during which time she completed a series of scientific research reports on the properties of truffles and other industry-based applications including climate, soil and land research.